Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are looking for parents to volunteer to support our programs throughout the school. This includes cafeteria duty, exit monitoring, hallway monitoring, dismissal, graduation, trips etc.  If you’re interested, please contact Parent Coordinator Zaida Santiago at 212 876 4639 X1491 or (cell phone 646-318-7976 ).  Parent engagement is key to a school’s success.  Also, if you ever wish to come to the school to visit a class, please call her to schedule.

Reminder we have a break from Monday the 20th to Friday the 24th of February.  Students return the 27th of February.


1 8:19 9:01
2 9:05 9:47
HR 9:47 10:12
3 10:16 10:58
4 11:02 11:44
5 11:48 12:30
6 12:34 1:16
7 1:20 2:02
8 2:06 2:48

Our schoolwide Independent Reading Program is set to begin upon our return on Monday, Feb 27th.  This program is designed to help your child develop a further love of literacy, increase their reading stamina and sustained focus ability.  All of this is necessary for success in college.  All students will be required to participate.

Your child is to bring a book or piece of literature that they desire to read.

The schedule for the Reading Program on Mondays and Tuesdays beginning February 27th  is below:

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, dismissal will be at the regular time of 2:39.

The 1st Marking Period ends on Wednesday, March 15th and report cards will be available on Wednesday, March 22nd.  We look forward to seeing you at the Parent-Teacher Conferences on Thursday, March 23rd from 5:30 – 8:00 pm. and Friday, March 24th from 12:30 – 2:30 p.m.

If you ever would like to schedule an appointment with your child’s teacher, teachers are available to meet each Tuesday after school.  Appointments may be made with Parent Coordinator Zaida Santiago at 212 876 4639 X1491 or

There will be many opportunities for your child to prepare your child for Regents and SAT exams.  Please see the attached revised Spring calendar.

Thank you very much.


David Jimenez,


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