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CLUBS AT MCSM                                                                                                                2:45- 3:45(Unless otherwise indicated)
Fall 2017- CLUBS
J. David Jimenez, Principal
Benito Elite Athletes Friday  Weight Room
Canobbio Homework Wednesday 126
Chu/Montalvo Bilingual Thursday 301
Cohen/McCue M.U.N. Thursday B48
Connelly G.S.A Wednesday B13
Deutsch Astronomy Thursday 379 if Na (305 or Roof)
Gandhi M.S.A. Wednesday 316
Tramm Music Thursday 280
Wang Photography & Art Friday 360
Sargent Dabate Wednesday 160
Drmacich Geek Biweekly-Friday 326
Jepsen Shakespeare Drama Monday / Friday Auditorium
D. Hernandez Student Mentoring Thursday 160 B
Kenis/Hernandez Robotics Wednesday 323/Alter.-335,378, 470,379
Kenis/Wing Greenhouse & Recycling Thursday 380/Greenhouse & Patio
Hidalgo Art Therapy Wednesday 136
Piel Oppa Noona Wednesday 336
Piel Book Club Friday 388
Lamarche Hip Hop Cipher Thursday 304
Sterling MCSM Dance Team Wednesday 302
Cooper Rampage (Newspaper) Monday 128
 Tang  UNICEF  Friday  337
 Watson  Glee Club  Wednesday  Auditorium
 Wang  Visual Art  Thursday  360
 Kwan  Computer Science  Friday  350
 Watson  A.S.A  Friday  280
 H. Vega  Refuge Christian Club  Tuesday  280
 Basile/Wage  Soccer Club  Friday  Gym
 Ghandi  Red Cross  Friday  323
 Laleman  Nail Art Club  Friday  128
 Laleman  Poetry Club  Friday  128
 Lebron  V.I.E.W.S.  Friday  381
 Tapia  Dance Club  Thursday  Auditorium
 Paulino/Tapia  Gamers'Club  Weds/Thrs  B13
As of Oct. 2017